February 2, 2009

Open Forum: Reducing Paper Consumption

. February 2, 2009

Teachers - I'd appreciate your feedback regarding the ways we can reduce paper consumption at Woolridge. Simply click on "COMMENTS" at the end of this post to respond to this post and provide your feedback:

  1. How well does your classroom recycle paper? How well does your school recycle paper? What ideas do you have that will encourage recycling in your school/classroom?

  2. Do you make 2-sided prints/copies? Would the school be willing to make 2-sided printing the default setting on their printers/copiers?

  3. Would it be possible to use e-mail or the Internet to reduce/eliminate paper notices sent home with students?

  4. Is the paper used at Woolridge made from recycled paper? Does the paper meet the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Program?

  5. What ways are the school being wasteful with its paper consumption?


Lauren Overbey said...

The recycling program has been a great addition. Our classroom trash has been cut in half. I encourage my students to recycle whenever possible.

Our grade level has recently starting posting our Kindergarten calendars online and this will help to reduce copying. I'm sure we will continue to send electronic notices and updates.

Thank you for helping our school go green.

Woolridge Green Club said...

First, thank you for leaving a comment. I feel the first and most important step is getting people talking and gathering information. I'd appreciate it if you could provide some additional feedback on the following items.

How can the recycling program be improved/made easier? Do you feel that the success of the program depends on the teacher?

How receptive have parents been to doing more stuff via e-mail/online?



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