August 20, 2009

WES Reusable Grocery Bags

. August 20, 2009

The Woolridge Elementary School Green club is offering custom reusable grocery bags for sale at numerous school events during the 2009 - 2010 school year. We hope to have them available at the Back to School nights. It is our intent to sell them at the Pumpkin Lighting and Spring Carnival as well.

The bags are made from non-woven polypropylene and are being sold for the low cost $3.50 each. Proceeds will benefit the Woolridge Elementary School Green Club. The bags are blue with a custom white logo as seen on the right. The bag dimensions are 12.5" W x 14" H x 8.5" gusset and come with 20" handles and base stiffener.

Other features include:

  • Hand washable.
  • Carry up to 22 pounds.
  • Recyclable.
  • Water repellent.
  • Great for other uses like going to the beach

So why should you buy reusable grocery bags? Besides supporting the WES Green club, reusable grocery bags are great for the environment. Click HERE to learn more about the dangers of plastic bags. It takes about eleven uses for a bag to have a positive environmental impact. Every use after that means you are helping the planet by saving 3-4 plastic bags.

If you buy one of our bags, THANK YOU! Please come back to our blog and leave a comment letting us know how you like the bag. Click on the FAQ link at the top of the page if you need help leaving a comment on the blog.


Woolridge Green Club said...

Lots of bags were sold at the 2nd grade back to school night. As mentioned in the post, please leave comments and let us know how you like the bags and what you've been using them for. I will write a post in the near future giving some helpful tips in remembering to bring your reusable grocery bags to the store with you.



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