January 5, 2010

Foam Soap Dispensers Save Money and the Environment

. January 5, 2010

This information is from the Issaquah School District in Washington State.

Small actions can make a big difference. By replacing liquid soap dispensers with foam soap, the Issaquah School District has managed to create less waste, save water, save time and save money for the district. Liquid dispensers and foam dispensers are the same size, but differ significantly in cost, waste generation, water use and maintenance.


Waste Reduction
Foam soap is packaged in plastic bags, whereas liquid soap comes in plastic and cardboard. Using foam soap reduces the amount of cardboard waste created.

Water Savings
Foam soap is pre-lathered so students do not have to run water to lather up. Using foam soap reduces the amount of water used per wash.


Cost Savings

  • Foam soap costs $.004 per wash compared to $.01 - $.014 per wash of liquid soap.

  • Foam soap bags last 1,333 washes compared to 750 washes per liquid soap bag. This is due to the pre-lathered foam soap reducing the number of squirts needed per wash.

  • Dispensers are given to the district free of cost for foam soap.

  • Foam soap dispensers provide soap from the top, thus reducing gravity leaks.

  • Less leaking means less countertop cleaning for staff, saving time and money.


Switching from liquid to foam soap reduces waste generation, water use, staff time and budget.




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