September 10, 2009

Calling all students!

. September 10, 2009

Don't like all the litter you see on the side of the road?

Want to draw attention to the plight of endangered animals?

Want to share your own green tips?

This is the opportunity to let the whole world know!

The Woolridge Green Club is happy to announce a new activity that's open to students of all ages. The Woolridge Green Club is actively looking for K-5 students interested in contributing content to our website. Students can write articles about environmental issues that are important to them. They can also send in drawings or photos for publication on our website. Here is a sample post from a student at P.B. Smith Elementary School in Warrenton, VA.

Students can e-mail their contributions directly to or deliver hard copies to their teacher at school. Only student's first names will be published to protect their identity. If you are interested, please see Mrs. Pinkston or Mrs. McKissick for more information.




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