June 30, 2009

Trash Teams

. June 30, 2009

The following post was written by Katie M. who is a student at P.B. Smith Elementary School in Warrenton, VA. It serves as an example of the types of posts the Woolridge Elementary School Green Club is interested in receiving from its students. If you're a Woolridge Elementary School student and wish to contribute your own article, e-mail it to gogreenwoolridge@gmail.com. Please include your first name and last initial as well as your teacher's name and grade level. Make sure you get your parents' permission too!

As people drive along our nation's highways, they often throw trash out their car windows. The people do not want to wait until they get to a trashcan, or they do not want to take the time to dispose of their in a proper fashion. The kindest deed I can imagine is to help create a solution to this HUGE problem. It affects a lot of things in the world. Like the world is one thing that people can destroy. Animals are another one because people throw trash and the animals do not know what it is so they eat it. But, while they are eating usually they get ran over by a car. It also affects plants and nature. It affects them by the trash because the food will rot and would go down into the ground. That would get to the roots and die. Remember, plants give us oxygen.

Since, plants give us oxygen, we need to save them or WE die. Which one would you choose? Right, we should save the plants. Something we could LIVE with. Our dogs and cats could be in jeopardy too as well as the plants. By all that trash on the ground its make our world look dirty and unsafe. This world needs to stay alive and well. But, how are we going to do that?

Yes, how are we going to do that? Well, some people like to clean up trash and they are called Trash Teams or the TT. Trash teams are very useful to the earth because they clean up trash. But, they should not do it alone. We should make up a National Clean-up day. Then, EVERYONE will be helping the earth.


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