May 21, 2010

Mixed Media Contest - Essay Entries

. May 21, 2010

We had a great turn out for our First Annual Mixed Media Contest.  Here are the three essays that were received as part of our contest.

1st Place: Go Green - by Morgan S.

It is importin to always be working hard to save our Earth.  Our Earth needs out help to be healthy.  One way to help is to use less water.  By using less water you can save our Earth and us.  You can take shorter shours.  Also you can save electricity.  Another way is to turn off the lights when not using them.  You can also use old stuff like magazines for art projects.  You can use old pictures for a person to decorate with.  You can use less plastic.  You should do that because it takes about 500 years for plastic to break down in the dump.  You can donate clothes and other things instead of throwing them away.  Donate them!  There is so much to do, but if we work together we can save our Earth.

2nd Place:  Untitled - by Brian W

Recycling really helps the Earth.  To help the Earth stay clean you can recycle cans, bottles, cardboard and, paper.  If you see [the recycling symbol] with a number in side you can recyle this object.  If you are recycling a bottle, don't recycle the cap.  If you don't have a recycle bin you can use a paper bag.  So now y know how to recycle.  Try not to do it just at home.  Do it everywhere.  I love my Earth and you should too.  Let's recycle every day.

3rd Place:  How I help the Earth - by Kyle C

Drink from a reusable bottle... that is how I help reduce, reuse, and recycle.  I also conserve electricity by turning out the lights when I leave a room.  I conserve out valuable water resources when I take a shower.  It is important to keep the Earth clean for generations to come.




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