March 27, 2009

Product Review: Preserve Toothbrush

. March 27, 2009

More and more companies are offering products with recycled content. One such product is the Preserve toothbrush. It is made from 100% recycled plastic from yogurt cups. The company's website allows consumers to download a postage-paid label to send the toothbrush back to the company. The plastic handle is "down-cycled" into plastic lumber for picnic tables and deck material. I was able to purchase this toothbrush at my local Target for a little more than $2.00. This was even less expensive than the name brand toothbrushes typically sold.

I recommend that you give the Preserve toothbrush a try. It's less expensive than name brand toothbrushes, cleans your teeth well, and keeps waste out of our landfills. Preserve products are also manufactured in the USA. Pick one up and try one today!




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