March 20, 2009

Open Forum: Energy Audit

. March 20, 2009

One of the more ambitious activities the WES Green Club is hoping to perform is an energy audit of the school. But what is an "energy audit" and how does it work? The purpose of an energy audit is to evaluate the ways the school uses energy (lighting, computers, heating, cooling, etc) and determine how much energy is actually used. This information can then be used to come up with ideas on how to reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency.

We would like the student members of the Green Club to play an active role in the energy audit. With some adult supervision, the students can assist in surveying the school and record the number of light fixtures and computers in each room. Using some basic math, the students can estimate how much energy (and $$$) the school is consuming.

The group can then brain storm ideas for ways the school can reduce energy consumption. Students will use their math skills to calculate how much energy (and $$$) can be saved if the school implements any of these measures.

So that's the basic idea of what the Green Club wants to accomplish with the Energy Audit. The survey itself can likely be completed during a single day. Preparation and evaluation of the energy audit will occur on different days. We're looking for input from teachers, parents, and teacher alike to help us make this activity a success. Here are some items that we would like your input on:

  • When would be the best time to perform the energy audit survey? Could it be done on a weekend? For how long could the school be made available to us?

  • We will need volunteers to assist the students gather information. The students can be broken up into small groups and paired with an adult. Each group can be assigned a portion of the school. Please e-mail the Green Club and let us know if you are interested in volunteering.

  • The energy audit will be even more successful if we can interview school staff members to learn about energy usage habits at the school. It might be fun to have the students conduct these interviews.

  • The students can help prepare a report that summarizes the results of the energy audit, and the results will be posted on this blog. Perhaps the students can present their findings to the rest of the Green Club or even present their findings to the school board.

Feel free to leave comments and give input on these ideas by clicking on COMMENTS at the end of this post. The Green Club is really excited about performing an energy audit because of the learning experience it creates for the students and the potential it has for reducing energy consumption at Woolridge Elementary School.




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